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the Weather Report
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the Weather Report

March in Missoua

Missoula Montana March 2020: temperature, wind, pressure, precipitation, cloud cover & humidity.
A high (one day anyway) of 65˚F and low of 14˚F, with below 20˚F for a week in mid-March. Most days we vacillated between 25˚F and 50˚F. We experienced several days of high winds (over 30 knots), sometimes in conjunction with cold weather. Bitter for running along the river in the canyon. There was little perception, less than an inch and mostly in small snowy bursts. There is still snow on the higher elevation but even the hillsides are now bare.


Tinkering in the Shop

Finally completed a couple projects I’ve been working on for the shop for some time (years).

Letterpress drying holder from a slinky
Ball bearing transport and storage for heavy stones

COVID-19 - Coronavirus :: Flatten the Curve

Practice Social Distancing :: Stay at Home :: Wash Your Hands
The bulletin board in the alleyway at toMake™


COVID-19 - Coronavirus :: WE

The current world-wide COVID-19 - Coronavirus can be summed up in this print: “WE: There is no Us or Them.”

WE: There is no Us or Them; The limited edition print uses #p22 modular #blox type and is printed with flocking on Kozo with a chine-collé onto Somerset Velvet. Available.

Art is Everything

The bulletin board in the alleyway at toMake™. Art is everything at Missoula Art Museum.
Mixing ink on the ink tableIMG_6747


In our town as elsewhere; streets quiet, stores dark. The buttercups are playing along the river trail. And more than the usual numbers of runners, walkers and bikers are outside. We received a light dusting of fresh snow making the mountains a beautiful but cold white. Running east along the river trail this morning the earth is soft, muddy underfoot, warming.

Meena the Cat

Along the river trail, east into the canyon, this morning. An eight mile run. Fresh signs of beaver and the buttercups flowering. Solar noon at 1:43pm MDT. Meanwhile in the upstairs studio window . . . .

On a freshly washed pad, fed and sound asleep in the newly arrived spring sunlight :: not a care in her world.

Meena the Cat

Coyotes' Eyes

Along the river trail, the old Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad, but before that a long travelled Blackfoot Flathead Salish and Kootenay trail through the Hellgate canyon. No such passenger rail service anymore through the canyon.


As I started to say, along the trail this morning and just upon the spring or vernal equinox tomorrow, on an eight mile dance, otherwise run, I was awakened from dream-space to the delight of the first opening of [Ranunculus] little frogs or Buttercups. The eyes of Coyote snatched away by Eagle . . . replaced with buttercups. How wonderful. There along the trail in the warming sunshine two dozen yellow flowers.


In the Local News

Sunday Missoulian March 15, 2020. The local climate organizations and activities taking action and acting now. Among others in our small western town; Climate Ready Missoula, Climate Smart Missoula, Extinction Rebellion, Green New Deal, Green Party, Extraction, Families for a Livable Future, Faith & Climate Action, Home reSource, Local Chapters of the Wilderness Society & Sierra Club, Montana Conservation Voters, Clark Fork Coalition, Montana Natural History Center, Missoula Art Museum, Five Valleys Land Trust, Sunrise Movement, Missoula Urban Development, 350 org, University Congregational Church, Energy Conservation and Climate Action City of Missoula & also Missoula County, . . . . and every Friday the Missoula Friday Climate Strike. But of course the news is always current on the bulletin board in the alleyway at toMake™.


Alive and Awake

Just a good day to be alive. Despite and regardless; a good day to be awake and thankful . . . YA) breathing yet again and again.


NO to the Keystone XL Pipeline

The current show “Stephen Braun: Hindsight and Foresight Are 20/20” at the Missoula Art Museum is just wonderful and powerful. “I love the planet and all of its beauty. But all I see is loss. I see the scars we leave to support our consumptive nature. We leave a landscape of heartache…it breaks my heart to see how ubiquitous we’ve been in radically changing our environment.” SB. For this exhibit, he’s been making his trademark environmentally, and socially- and politically-themed sculptures using what he calls a "bastardized American raku technique" that was pioneered by Paul Soldner in the 1960s. Go see this show.

Stephen Braun “Victory

In other but related news in downtown Missoula there was a guerrilla performance/protest against the Keystone XL pipeline extension crossing the Missouri River and native lands in east-central Montana. Below: spilled oil from the pipeline flowing into the river. The performance featured your camera and notepad toting corporate spies.“Indigenous groups, environmental activists, and other people opposed to the KXL Pipeline have a right to protest without being spied on by the government and without being met with a militarized and violent response. The government’s interest should be in protecting these rights – not violating them.” ACLU-MT



things to do

It being Lent I have given up some distractions, no sugar or flour, and been deepening my sitting practice. Inner life emerges, not unlike early spring from the muddy ground and the crisp air above. Emerging are old projects; currently uncompleted editions, blocking the flow. Some have been idle for too long, gathering dust and near forgotten. Cleaning out and organizing the shop I’m ready to work on some finishing. . . making room for new ideas and efforts.

The Project Board in the toMake™ Pressroom: Letterpress, Relief, Lithography & Mixed Matrix

Bernie 2020

Along with The Nation we endorse and support Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party nominee for President in 2020.


Longer days & Warmer

Below is the analemma for the new moon just as Lent begins. Local [Missoula] noon occurs at 12:49pm MDT. This will, unfortunately, all change next week with the insanity of DST. February temperatures were mostly between 20˚F and 40˚F, freezing and melting with some good periods of snow. On sunny afternoons the Mount Jumbo elk come over the top into the sun where we can see them from our eastern window. In other news, the earth continues to spin towards a tipping point of climate disruption, fascism, and more . . . finding that neither hope or despair help me to act I more and more give my attention to resolve; saying YES to the beauty, to the complexities, to the diversity, the interwoven, the joyous and to loving one another.

Analemma for Missoula, Montana February 23rd 2020
Local Noon Feb 2020
Missoula Montana February 2020: temperature, wind, pressure, precipitation, cloud cover & humidity.
A high (one day anyway) of 60˚F and low of 7˚F. The peak wind and high temperature must have conceded with a passing frontal system. Generally high winter humidity and 2.5in. of precipitation mostly in the form of wet snow. February_2020

Saturday toMake™

Saturday life; Judith at the market talking to the mushroom growers, Steven doing the laundry, Meena the Cat catching up on the local news.

the bulletin board in the alleyway

There is a bulletin board in the alleyway on the toMake™ studio. I put it up about 30 years ago. I have a small but regular following of alley walkers and bikers who stop to get the news I post there-on. Sometimes the board acquires a lot of old images and becomes in need of cleaning and starting over. Earlier this week that was the case.
IMG_3769It took awhile but the recycling was coming in the morning and the sun was out. Layer after layer removed I was surprised to see that the bottom layer was from the 2012 election with my irritation at the Clinton neoliberal takeover of the Democrats Party in full display. There you are and four years later the same same monied interests are at work . . . “[Bill and Hillary Clinton] set up a machine that was really a juggernaut with all this corporate money they brought in through the Democratic Leadership Committee,” says Blumenthal. “It was a very different structure than we’d seen with previous Democratic candidates who relied heavily on unions and the civil rights coalition. . . and that machine never went away. . . It kept growing, kind of like this amoeba that began to engulf the party and politics itself. So that when Bill Clinton was out of power, the machine was passed to Hillary Clinton, and the machine followed her into the Senate. And the machine grew into the Clinton Global Initiative.” The Clinton Machine Will Do Anything to Stop Bernie Sanders

Beneath the rubble four years of bulletin board postings we have a not dissimilar conversation and power struggle taking place. I am thinking “Every Event is a Gift” and that we are seeing the emergence of a new Left, a third party that acknowledges the voices of the young; those who see the FACTs of Climate Change, those who want to act, those who know of the Radical Disruption taking place, those who want a Just, a Sustainable and Vibrant future. So I took down the old and without Hope or Despair but Resolve [Dr.Robert Davies DISRUPTION: DEFINING RADICAL IN THE AGE OF HUMANS] started a new board in the alleyway at toMake™.
IMG_3778And the first “resolve” is a reminder to walk, run, bike and use public transportation.

Quiet deLight


There is no Us or Them

WE: There is no Us or Them; is a challenging reminder to see and experience the world in which we live, breath, participate and enjoy as WE and not US and/or THEM. So the subtext is ‘There is no Us or Them’. I think the best place to start, for me, is with my family. So I see my family …. and there is no Us or Them, there is a We to us all. We share things and disagree on things …. But this’WE’ is more than just family. It is also the food I eat and the land on which I live, the trails I run, the water I drink. The ‘WE’ is a reminder to ease out from the boundaries I might engage and battle; the neighbor who supports Trump, the alley walkers who break into my truck, the others I find myself against in so many ways. This is the nature of the WE print; to remind myself that Christ, Buddha, and all the great teachers saw no Us and/or Them but a WE, a world without boundaries.
The reason for the word WE being difficult to read is simply because the notion of ‘WE’ is a challenging one to remember and see when so much of the world around us seems to support the “Us and Them” attitude of blame and hostility, neglect and abuse. The limited edition print uses #p22 modular #blox type and is printed with flocking on Kozo with a chine-collé onto Somerset Velvet.


The River Sings

Early morning crossing the Clark Fork. Stopping and pausing to observe, to experience, to enJoy. This moment now … so long ago.
January has been unusually warm and not much snow. Only three days where the temperature dropped below 20˚F, and over a week above 40˚F. There was some beautiful river ice but generally it has been all too mild with just 2in. of precipitation mostly as rain; worrisome for summer fires.
I’ve been working mostly on the letterpress, small things. Ink on paper. The Green New Deal’ on the press using blox modular type is slowly making its way to an edition as ink on paper. I am currently running more copies of the broadside ‘Put Earth First’ so … place an order for one now before they sell out.
IMG_0301 - 2019-01-11 at 16-19-34