The [f[ACT print uses P22blox modular 1 inch square type.

The edition continues to make progress; interrupted by the house repair and general winter darkness and cold. It has been challenging to assemble the modular pieces, and ensure they align correctly. [f]ACT is a multiple matrix/color print on 9x11 inch Flurry Cotton soft white cover stock.

I have two colors printed and several more runs to complete. ACT was printed in Pantone Orange 021. Looks red but it is really more orange than this image indicates.

And fACT, locked in the chase and all inky

is printed in Black.

NOW will be printed next, below fACT//ACT in orange and overprinted in a transparent base. The modular squares are evident on the print.

The insert text will be in Stafford 24 pt. and will fit nicely between the 3 and 4 inch blox lettering.

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