This Happens

This is what happens when you use your body … it wears out. And the community, the generous and amazing community of health professionals (I refer NOT to the CEOs and corporations) who are present to care and put me back together so I can keep making noise and rattling into the silence of inaction.
IMG_2686 - 2019-10-11 at 10-05-02

At the Saturday Market

Personal transport device.IMG_2608 - 2019-10-05 at 11-23-54
A garden volunteer.
IMG_2609 - 2019-10-05 at 11-44-42
Saturday at the market.IMG_2606 - 2019-10-05 at 11-22-02
Judith and Katie from our CSA.
IMG_2603 - 2019-10-05 at 11-17-46
… and the mushrooms.
IMG_2607 - 2019-10-05 at 11-22-09