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the Weather Report
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the Weather Report

North Hills Run

I use the moccasin shoes that touch lightly the earth
and take the lower trail in the draw up into the north hills.
Winding through the grasses and frozen puddles
switchback up the shoulder and then along the edge
I cut up to the ridge, double back and then
about to drop back down on the main trail I turn
looking north into the wilderness, snow covered and dark
The morning sun above the city on the golden slopes of the far hills.
How utterly wonderful and perfect the present moment.
And then I dance back down across the river and home.


Alley Life

A run, delightful. Feet touching the earth
along the river trail.
The old Milwaukee line and older yet Salish-Kootenay and Blackfoot trails.
Trails of deer, rabbits, fox, coyote, bear
Trails of hummingbirds and heron and eagle, ospree and crow.

The snow has settled in but not yet covering everything
So that so so many yellows. The tips of the grasses a silvery white
the stalks a pure yellow
But then you see the orange yellows, the red yellows, the red-oranges.
And the browns, the dark ones deeper in off the trail.

Quiet. When I get back I make a cup of coffee and sip.
Why did I not stay in that cabin at the end of the trail ?


On the western coast

Earlier this month I attended the annual #nacis North American Cartographic and Information Society meeting in Tacoma, Wash. Driving west, and suddenly dropping down off the plateau …. and crossing the River Columbia.
Conferences are more about the friends and professional contacts and less about the talks. I’m sure mine was equally as uninteresting as many. As usual my map “The Gate” was more or less ignored, unseen I imagine because it is not perceived to be a map. Show up, vote, speak, make yourself visible, speak on behalf of all beings.
… a delightful fun run took us along the waterfront. It is really amazing how one becomes invisible as one gets older. I felt so on this run.
What a boring map, another in the endless objectification of the livingness of the world. Here in Tacoma the goddess of commerce asserts her presence.
The old Union Station (home to 49 trains daily in its heyday) train depot, now the court house, has a beautiful display of Dale Chihuly glass. It was the only place I could see works of art aside from the hotel because of the cost of admission. In keeping with commerce being a goddess I guess.
Dale Chihuly_1
Dale Chihuly_2
In the late 60s-early 70s I passed through this depot on the North Coast Limited from points east …. not anymore.

Shoes, Birthdays & Memories

Half a century past I ran cross country races on Thursday afternoons on this field. And I’m still running.
IMG_2243 - 2019-09-15 at 17-12-09
Around the sun 98 times and 70.
I’ve been stopping beside the Yellowstone River now for 20 years at this spot watching the island move.
IMG_2374 - 2019-09-21 at 09-37-15

The Month in Which the World Began

“The press of my foot to the earth springs a hundred affections.” Walt Whitman
IMG_2095 - 2019-09-04 at 09-39-38
IMG_2094 - 2019-09-04 at 09-39-23

Put Earth First Broadside

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